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Agri 3 0 Sustainable Agriculture Fresh Produce Food Project using State of Art Biotech innovation with Hydroponic Aquaponic Aquaculture and Solar Voltaic Technology Integrated to produce 1 million lb of food every year supporting Food Shortage problem in US

Founded by Farid Premani



State of Art Biotech Farm in Houston, TX 200,000 sq ft

Combination of Hydroponic + Aquaponic + Aquavolatic technology to meet current food shortage and global export disruption due to climate and supply chain - Next Unicorn

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Value Additions

Food Shortage Bridge

Social Impact company contributing 11% back to social

projects in third world countries

Creating jobs and State of Art

Biotech farming facility in Houston - 3x -10x investors wealth

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Next Biotech Unicorn

Movement Goal

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Creating wealth for 100 investors who will join us in early stage

Becoming part of next Biotech Unicorn (1B dollar company taking to IPO bringing solution and best practices working with big box stores to fulfill food shortage and in-demand US needs.

Becoming one of top ten carbon credit supplier and taking facility from 100 acres to 10,000 acres - 1 million sq ft farming in next 6-10 years. 3x return in 4 years - 10 x in 8 years

To bring best state of art biotechnology advancements to traditional farming and create 10x production impact as solution to food shortage using power of hydroponic, aquaponic and agrovolatic farming starting with 200,000 sq ft - 100 acre facility to 1 million ft by 2028.

Short term Vision

Long term Mission

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Revenue streams

Three revenues streams to supplement 3x growth

We have also researched and created alliance with big grocery chain procurement teams in Texas and will be growing shortage in supply chain to generate quick revenue - undisclosed big box store giant

  1. Essential Agriculture

2. Fish Aquaculture

3. Premium grade Saffron to Pharmas

Hydroponic farming for Tomatoes, Strawberries, Bell paper, Exotic Fruits

Tilapia farming

62% fish is imported in US 1192 M USD

Pharma in US are ready to pay upto $50 per 10 gms of Saffron with our state of art biotech farm we will be produce Saffron having dedicate greenhouse to it

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Food inflation is 3x more than economic inflation,gap will increase upto 8x in near future

Which means if groceries and food cost was 10% share of wallet "overall income" this would take upto 30% 1/3rd in near future as demand and supply shortage has increased due to three factors

  1. War relationship and health Covid obstacles with Russia and China
  2. Climatic disruption against land and traditional farming practices
  3. Cold fronts damaging farmers crop every year.
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Currently approx 1.0 Billion USD as of 2022

additional revenue stream

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Funding Rounds


Expected Year

Share dilution

Sq Ft Facility + Land

Seed Round A


August 2023

Est 20%

Each share $25, Unit 50,000 each 2000 shares

200,000 sq ft

100 acres

Round B


July 2026


Each share

$100 - 4x

500,000 sq ft

1000 acres

Round C


Dec 2029

20% Each share $250 - 10x

1 million sq ft

10,000 acres

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Farid Premani

Founder and CEO

  • Masters in Plant Biotechnology and PhD (dropout) from Ohio State University with MBA, worked for fortune 500 companies such as BMW, NASA, World bank Agro financing programs, Frankfurt University to name a few
  • Created and Sold 3 Edtech and Ecommerce businesses in past, ranked as top 5 Educationist in Silicon Valley 2020, created World's first educational robot patent under his name and 104M company by evaluation Ecdhub
  • Have studied and gathered top notch hydroponic, aquaponic and traditional farm experts in US, Pakistan, Dubai and Mexico along with big box store procurement heads to evaluate demand and supply gaps creating realistic business facility
  • Member of University of Vermont Saffron horticulture committee and Agrotech innovation valley fund.


Shiro Onedera

President and Co-founder, Seraphim Analytics, a boutique niche-data company that focuses on competitive intelligence

Utilizing his data artisan skills, Seraphim Analytics has assisted in five mergers and two acquisitions, totaling over $2 billion. Shiro brings the ability to uncover critical data and analytics to carbon exchange.

Shiro’s passion for the environment is illustrated by the following past accomplishments:

Received LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification from US Green Building Council.

Tammy Onedera

Tammy focuses on competitive intelligence and lead generation using data science for unicorn level businesses.

Utilizing her marketing, sales and research skills, Seraphim Analytics has assisted in five mergers and two acquisitions, totaling over $2 billion. With Tammy’s sales background, entrepreneurial experience and MBA, she will lead the marketing efforts for Carbon Exchange

Having received her BS in Clinical/Community Psychology from the University of Michigan, she brings a unique perspective of human understanding. Human behavior is at the heart of the world’s climate predicament. Realizing this will take drastic human change measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, Tammy recognizes that carbon credits are a crucial way to begin this shift

Don is Chairman East Tilapia farm who will be in our team, we will be acquiring his company and expand facility relocating in Houston, TX and bring him on board to consult in all areas of aquaculture and fisheries science with 12 plus years practical experience, connections serving big box stores with Tilapia, Bass, Redsniper and fish products having decades of combined experience in practical, applied, and theoretical aspects of th growing over 100,000 lb of fish serving Texas market.

Stephen manages two companies as a Founder in Soil2Space, LLC an Ag Eco Platform and Managing Member/COO in Green Wave Products, LLC which manufactures and distributes an Enhanced Efficient Fertilizer and Organic Pesticide across US, Africa, Canada, UK, South America. He has a vast network of farmers to co-opt. Specialty crops is his expertise too recently food security. With his nutrients we can see 10X growth in the shortest amount of time. He is newly into the carbon market. His network will help connect us to the right partnerships to scale quickly. Being in the agriculture industry for over 10 years he has picked up experience in setting up indoor growing facilities. Which will be a PLUS for this project!

Plant Makes You Healthy


500k lb production

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Red Bell Peppers

Bell Peppers

Seafood makes you charming


500k lb production

fresh Tilapia





At peak we are able to generate 10x - 1000% using biotech farm revenue generation since agriculture growth is relative to time fold, many exotic food that will grow after 4-5 years will yield extra 300% profitability . Miami fruits is now 30M revenue company doing exotic fruits and covering only 10% demand,

PLUS getting into retail and ecommerce space starting food subscription and direct delivery we will charge retail prices instead of wholesale for example 2.75/lb tilapia to 6/lb tilapia that will bring extra 200% gains after 3rd years of operation our focus will be on improving sales channels but we will start with wholesale supply to big box stores such as HEB, sams club, walmart and mexican franchise or starting our own food subscription liek blackbox farmer, hungryroots, reducedfood like companies which have already hit their 100m sales goals. Our Plus is we are growers and have our own supply chain

As the facility and growth rate is increasing compound effect will come into play at both agriculture and aqua culture growth hence by revenue we should be able to take company to 10x by sales and by share value as well being a value invested company instead of bubble investment without realistic support and planning after careful evaluation of 17+ farms in US and Overseas and studying food shortage across US stores.

Pls fill in google form to get zoom call details, as investment will be given on first come first form filled basis. We dont control selection criteria and will go from top to bottom in list

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Future Expansion

Meat and Fresh Delivery subscription partnering with Wholefood, Uber eats and Doordash

We will 3x margins as become retailer instead of supplying as wholesalers

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Step wise execution plan

Angel Round - Cut off Feb 15th 2023

Step 1

Each Unit, first come first served basis

Step 2

Zoom call INVITATION to be shared with investors only

Step 3

  • Contract signing, Deposits
  • In person meeting
  • Land disclosure and architectural plans + team meetup and non-compete
  • Each unit is $50,000 - Maximum 10 units can be reserved - Total cap $500K
  • Total Round $5M - 100 units
  • Fill in Google form link below

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+1 281-616-1681 (Cell/Whatsapp)

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Project by Farid Premani



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